Australian Author Releases First Book in Debut Children’s Series

An Australia-based author has released her debut installment in a new children’s series. Through a whimsical plot involving an 8-year-old girl, a young boy and a magical tree, Patricia Martin explores themes of environmental conservation, mindfulness, meditation and the impact of a positive outlook on life in “Sarah’s Adventures The Special Tree and Its Secrets.”

Set near the sea in the Australian countryside, Martin’s book centers around protagonist Sarah, who encounters an enchanted tree while playing in her Aunt Floss’s garden. When Sarah crosses paths with Kevin, a young boy, the duo embarks on a wondrous adventure that takes them high into the tree’s branches, where fairies, elves and magical folk of all sorts thrive.

“This book felt very real when I wrote it, as most of the characters are loosely based on people I knew in my own childhood who meant a lot to me,” Martin said. “In ‘Sarah’s Adventures,’ my love of nature and fairies especially shines through.”

Through the book’s heavy emphasis on the outdoors and the environment, Martin hopes to encourage children to spend more time out in nature and adults to take stock in environmentally friendly practices. “Sarah’s Adventures The Special Tree and Its Secrets” offers readers a lesson in overcoming adversity by having faith in positive outcomes.

“Sarah’s Adventures The Special Tree and Its Secrets”

By Patricia Martin

ISBN: 978-1-514-44587-7 (hardback); 978-1-514-44588-4 (paperback); 978-1-514-44589-1 (electronic)

Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Barnes & Noble and Amazon

About the author

Patricia Martin is an author and healing therapist who practices Reiki and meditation, is a Certified Angel Reader and conducts workshops and self-care…

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