Amir Khan is at a real crossroads in boxing as his personal life threatens to derail him completely away from the sport


Khan has revealed he is splitting from his wife Faryal Makhdoom, and even accused her of having an affair with Anthony Joshua

AMIR KHAN hasn’t officially retired but, just when he should be at his peak, it would be no surprise if he didn’t fight again.

British boxing is booming and Khan — one of our most talented stars — should be at the forefront alongside Anthony Joshua and our other nine world champions.

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Amir Khan is really at a boxing crossroads in his career and has some big decisions to make

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Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom are going through severe marriage difficulties at the moment

Sadly, 30-year-old Khan seems to have his finger firmly on the self- destruct button and, as a result, has dropped off the radar.

The former two-time world welterweight champ hasn’t fought for 15 months since that horrific knockout defeat against Canelo Alvarez in Las Vegas.

In fact, he has had just two fights in the last three years, which means his name has been removed from the top-15 rankings by all four of the world championship bodies.

Long periods of inactivity usually play havoc with fighters and do nothing for their well-being. It badly affects their speed and reflexes and often leads to the softening of mind and body.

Khan is making matters far worse for himself. Since the vitriolic break-up of his four-year marriage to wife Faryal Makhdoom, he has been spending more time in bars and nightclubs than the gym.

He has also fallen out with his parents and sisters. Khan and Faryal have been washing their cringe- making dirty linen in public.

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Amir Khan last fought in May 2016 against Saul Canelo Alvarez… and he started the fight well

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But in the sixth round Canelo delivered a thundering shot that floored Brit boxer Khan


Could his stunning knockout at the hands of Canelo be the last we ever see of Amir Khan in the ring

My colleague, Laura Armstrong, reported in The Sun on Sunday that Faryal is threatening to throw more dirt by revealing the full extent of his partying and womanising.

A friend is quoted as saying: “He is a lovely guy but loves partying hard, drinking, smoking sheesha and going out with beautiful women.”

That sounds like we have found a mini Mike Tyson, who was never the same once he discovered the delights of the vine and female flesh.

What Khan should be doing is chasing welterweight kings Keith Thurman, Errol Spence and Jeff Horn.

But I doubt he still figures high on the top promoters’ wishlists.

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It was a long time ago that Amir Khan rose to the top and was actually feared as a boxer and champ

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But problems have come to Khan outside the ring, and his turbulent marriage with Faryal Makhdoom

Not that long ago, a domestic dust-up with Kell Brook would have drawn mega-bucks and filled a football stadium.

But that fight between two losers must now be dead in the water.

After Khan was knocked cold by Alvarez’s brutal right-hand punch, his traumatised wife and mother pleaded with him to quit.

But he vowed to continue, claiming he still had a good few years left.

If he insists on trying to resurrect what’s left of his career, he should be made aware that hedonism and pugilism make for extremely uncomfortable bedfellows.


Amir Khan has always maintained he will be back in the ring – but time is not waiting around for him

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The glory days where Amir Khan was training buddies with Manny Pacquiao seem like a lifetime ago

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Amir Khan is reunited with his daughter Lamaisah after a trip to New York

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