Ahead of G-Dragon’s Hong Kong show, we talk to him about new album, touring solo, and who Kwon Ji-yong really is

For a man on top of the musical world – and one who makes highly accessible, wildly successful pop music – G-Dragon has a lot on his mind.

The 28-year-old South Korean megastar is, naturally, extraordinarily busy, with his Kwon Ji Yong solo album released last month and a massive four-month, 36-date, 29-city, four-continent world tour on the go. Confusingly named G-Dragon 2017 World Tour: Act III, MOTTE (“Moment of Truth The End”), his third world tour is the largest ever undertaken by a Korean solo artist. It has already taken in two dates in Macau (both in June) and, following their huge popularity, will call in at AsiaWorld-Expo for two performances on August 25 and 26.

Born Kwon Ji-yong, the rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and fashion designer shot to fame a decade ago with the hugely popular boy band Big Bang before embarking on an equally stellar solo career in 2009. He says there is a lot hanging on the new album, and the tour, for him personally.

“People who have been watching me working on the new EP say that they felt very relieved after it was released,” he tells the Post. “However, I strongly feel that I’ve just started. It’s also the beginning of the world tour, which is an extension of the EP. Everything has meaning, especially as the aim of this solo album is to show the real Kwon Ji-yong, not G-Dragon.

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“G-Dragon is a fancy person. People don’t expect upright images of G-Dragon and so I’ve been feeling some pressure about how I present myself. On the other hand, Kwon Ji-yong is an introvert, and has lots of things going on in his head. I have been hearing about how I am different onstage from offstage. This tour has been my first time to show Kwon Ji-yong himself to the public.”

The G-Dragon persona, of course, is inseparable from Big Bang. The five-member boy band took K-pop mainstream around the world – although they dislike the “K-pop” term…

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