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The ever increasing digital focus of businesses have slingshot growth of affiliate marketing in India even as the legacy markets including automobiles, realty, banking etc., strengthens focus towards it. Germany-based global affiliate network, Admitad, that forayed into India in November 2015 has already become one of the top three affiliate networks in the country, claims its Chief Executive Officer – NEHA KULWAL. Kulwal puts in perspective the significance of performance-based marketing.

Can you spotlight the value Admitad delivers?

Admitad is a global performance network of cost-per-action affiliate programs which offers advertisers trustworthy channels of sales and provide publishers with new models to monetize online traffic. In addition to that Admitad is a gateway for publishers to enter the global market. We also helps them optimize their marketing strategies. There is a transparent system of analytics and anti-fraud since we have our own proprietary technology platform.

How do you enable publishers and advertisers?

Admitad gives publishers and advertisers resources to boost conversions and performance of the affiliate programs. Apart from the metrics, graphs, dashboards, some of the key technical tools we have for the publishers and the advertisers are crossdevice tracking, fingerprint tracking, advertiser toolbox, deep linking options, anti-cookie and antifraud technologies, lost orders etc., which help them increase profit. There is also flexibility for publishers through guest logins for the advertisers to avoid sharing of login and password.

So clients have to set up their own programs?

No. We are the only affiliate network in India that helps its clients set up their affiliate programs, manage, recruit and take the campaign to the next level. Technology, transparency and tools are the three must haves for affiliate marketing business, which we provide to our customers, give an added advantage to us. Also, we have our in-house tracking platform unlike other networks that use third party technology platforms. The affiliate programs which we help create caters to 15 per cent of overall sales for any advertiser.

What are the most pressing issues in affiliate marketing today?

The biggest issue in the industry is the inability for companies to scale their affiliate programs after setting it up on their own. A small business may not have enough human or technical resource to track their sales as customers shift to different devices. So, it is tough to scale if one is working with individual publishers as there are validation, invoicing and payment issues to look at which may not be his/her core area. Also, it is hard to recruit publishers. Apart from this, there is a lot of communication required between the advertiser and publisher where they can see what’s happening in their campaigns to maintain the transparency. This is another problem area because a lot of clients don’t trust affiliate networks since they don’t know where their ads are running. All this can be done by an affiliate partnership channel, as Admitad is doing for its exclusive clients like 1mg, Emirates, Bewakoof, Flintobox, etc. This is what we are aiming at and brining in as a change in the industry.

Does Admitad support in-house ideas?

Yes. Admitad Invest is the venture capital arm of Admitad that invests in early stage online and app-based businesses as well as existing ones and offers its expertise. The investment focus particularly includes businesses that are softwareas-a-service, marketplace, enterprise, commercial content projects etc.

What’s the road ahead for you?

We are already among the top three networks in India. Admitad India engulfs the company’s Middle East and AsiaPacific operations. The overall market size in India is $7.8 billion and would be up to 5x of that size in next five years. So, the opportunity is tremendous as Internet penetration is on the rise in India.

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