80-year-old man about to run 45th Deseret News race, despite recent hip replacement

Tom Smart, Deseret News

FIILE – Darryl Beardall cools off at the 40th Deseret News marathon Friday, July 24, 2009, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY — Instead of running the full 26.2-mile marathon, as has been his custom for the past 44 years, Darryl Beardall has decided to instead enter the half-marathon at the annual Deseret News Pioneer Day races on Monday, July 24.

But before you start calling him a slacker, consider this: five months ago Darryl broke his right hip and had to have it replaced.

He’s going to run 13.1 miles on that.

Rest assured, at 80, Mr. Perpetual Motion has no more intention of stopping than he did at 70, or 60, or 50. …

He started running in high school when he was 17, then ran for the track team at BYU, where he finished seventh in the nation at 10,000 meters his senior year. Turned out he was just getting started. As a recreational runner, he has logged over 315,000 miles, counting training runs and hundreds of competitions, including well over 200 marathons, four U.S. marathon trials and seven 100-mile ultras.

Considering that Beardall, a Mormon, doesn’t train on Sundays, his average comes out to 15 miles of running a day – for the last 63 years.

In the book, “Running to Extremes,” Scott Ludwig claims that Darryl Beardall has run more miles than any human being in history.

Has it done him any good? The doctor who operated on Beardall’s broken hip sure thinks so.

He broke the hip last winter at his home in Santa Rosa, California, when he fell in his backyard while gathering wood for his…

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