6 Common Front-End Web Development Mistakes to Avoid – Business 2 Community

Front-end designers and programmers are responsible for developing everything that users of a site or app see and interact with. This includes coding and bringing interfaces to life that are engaging and aesthetically pleasing to viewers. Just because a customer-facing interface functions well doesn’t mean it will be a success. The wrong design can destroy a site’s user base and cause a dramatic drop in revenue, and getting that design right is the role of a front-end developer.

In front-end development, it’s very important to understand users and their behaviors to build a beautifully functioning front end, but there are also a few common coding mistakes to avoid. Here are a few to keep an eye out for when developing a site or application as well as some tips and best practices that can help you keep your projects on track:

1. Using Tables Instead of Div Containers

Tables were…

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