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Today is national Go Skateboarding Day, and skate parks across the globe will be packed with skaters both young and old. Since 2004, the holiday has given those who love the sport an excuse to drop all other responsibilities for the day and head to their nearest skate park.

Luckily for Athens residents, the city offers more opportunities than one might think to ring in this national holiday. Whether you want to go out and learn new tricks, take a leisurely cruise or buy some new gear, the classic city offers a way for everyone to celebrate.

1. Go to the Skate Park of Athens.

When Athens residents are looking for a place to skateboard, The Skate Park of Athens is most often the first place to come to mind. From beginners to professionals, the park offers something for everyone, as it includes a 13-foot bowl, ramps, rails, grinding edges and steps. The park is free to use, but those who run it are always accepting donations to help make it even better.

2. Shop local at EarthCruzers Longboarding store.

If you’re in need of new gear, EarthCruzers Longboarding store is Athens’ one stop shop for all things skating. Run out of a 10 by 20 foot storage unit, the couple who owns the store chose to open it after Get Rad Skateshop closed its doors. If you can’t make it out of the house, you can buy all your skateboarding gear on Earthcruzer’s website.

3. Visit the North Oconee County Greenway

One of Athens’ lesser known spots, the North Oconee County Greenway includes a 3.75 mile concrete path that’s perfect for both those just learning how to ride and experienced skaters who want to cruise. In addition to skateboarders, the park welcomes bikers, rollerbladers and walkers alike.

4. Drop in at the Duncan Creek Skatepark

If you’ve visited Athens’ skate park one too many times, make the short drive to the Duncan Creek…

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