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The modern parents’ challenge: help our kids to strike a balance between utility and dependence when it comes to technology. New questions arise daily: at what age should I get my child a phone? Do they need a full data plan right off the bat?

I have a customer named Mike, a typical preteen. He has broken almost every piece of technology — phones, tablets, etc. — that he owns. He constantly comes into my technology repair store to get his numerous devices fixed. The point of this story is that every parent has a Mike, a child who breaks, spills on or loses every piece of technology they come in contact with. So why spend all this money when kids — from toddlers to teens like Mike — are just going to mishandle their technology?

Making smart choices for kids with smart technology is something every parent needs to know how to do. With all of these tech options at our disposal, pre-owned options are often a forgotten-about resource. Not only is it a good way to introduce technology to kids, but it will also save you hundreds of dollars.

Here are three pieces of advice for parents who are going the pre-owned technology route for their kids:

1. Buy from a reputable source:

• Make sure the device is not on any stolen list by calling the carrier and giving the serial code.

• Realize that there are hazards of using self-selling sites. Even though the device may be cheaper, the person selling to you may not be as trustworthy as you hope.

• Look for seller reviews and make reference calls.

2. Make sure the phone is prepared for a new user:

• Be sure to wipe the phone or tablet clean — either yourself or bring it to an established and well-known expert or technology store.

• Make sure you’re buying smart technology that is still supported by the manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. This includes making…

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