Day: February 13, 2017

The Take That trio say they want to Rule The World again

A quarter of a century ago I sat in a van with five unknown northern lads in a school car park near Manchester just minutes after they’d performed to a bunch of kids on their lunch break. An excitable teenager called Robbie did backflips in the playground then grabbed my notepad and pen to practise […]

Update on Tennessee’s athletic director search – WJHL

With materials collected and Turnkey Search handling the University of Tennessee’s quest for a new vice chancellor/director of athletics to replace the outgoing Dave Hart, contact with candidates and formal interviews are soon expected to begin for UT’s next head of athletics. While sources have indicated UT has vetted numerous candidates and likely will interview […]

A Brief History of Human Anatomy

It is strongly believed by medical experts and historians that anatomy is the oldest medical science. Anatomy could be defined as the scientific study of the structure of animals, plants, and human beings. The term “anatomy” hails from the Greek words meaning “to cut up”, since knowledge of anatomy was obtained centuries ago through dissection. […]