Month: February 2017

MRI Guided Prostate Biopsy Gaining Acceptance Among Urologists As…

An overwhelming majority – 81% – of the urologists did agree that MRI-US guided prostate biopsy is useful for diagnosing prostate cancer. MRI-US guided biopsy has the ability to fuse together real-time ultrasound images of the prostate allowing a more accurate and precise identification of suspicious lesions which may not have been found using traditional […]

'For Honor' review: You'll need skill to survive this online fighter

Ubisoft’s ‘For Honor’ is an online game like no other. In the two weeks I’ve been playing Ubisoft’s “For Honor,” I’ve vacillated between absolutely loving the online fighting game and wanting to throw my controller through the window in frustration. That’s not a knock on Ubisoft’s effort, either. In fact, if anything, it’s a compliment. […]