100-year-old Mother Minka Disbrow Reunited with Daughter Betty Jane After 77 Years

The 100-year-old mother Minka Disbrow always tries her best to find out what become of her baby girl Betty Jane who she gave up for adoption and she finally reunited with her daughter after 77 years.

Minka Disbrow, who was born in 1911, had a tough childhood working hard on a dairy farm. Her stepfather thought only children who have nothing else to do were sent to school so Disbrow had to finish her eighth grade and later worked long hours in the dairy farm.

Minka Disbrow had a tough childhood

At the age of 17, while picnicking with girls from a sewing class, Minka Disbrow and her friend were raped by three men. A few months after the incident, Disbrow’s body began to change and her parents discovered that she was pregnant. She was sent to a Lutheran home for pregnant girls and there she gave birth to a baby girl and named her “Betty Jane”.

Minka Disbrow was raped at the age of 17 and she had his first daughter Betty Jane

Disbrow really wanted to keep the baby but her parents did not agree and she had to give her up for adoption. Initially, Disbrow kept in touch with the adoption service company to update news about her daughter, but later the management of the company changed and Disbrow lost touch with her daughter completely.

Disbrow’s life went on. She married a fruit salesman and they had two children. However she always misses and thinks about her first baby Betty Jane on her May 22 birthday.

After a long time, Disbrow’s prayers got answered in 2006, as a man called her up and told her that he was the son of Betty Jane, who was now Ruth Lee. The son had found out about his mother’s biological mother from the internet and wanted both of them to meet. The reunion of Minka Disbrow and Ruth Lee took place in 2006 and mother and daughter could not have been happier.

Minka Disbrow shows a photo of her, right, and her daughter Ruth Lee taken the day they first reunited in 2006

Now both families visit each other regularly. Minka Disbow has gone to…

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